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Hair Curling

Whenever I watched youtube videos or when I’d go on Instagram I’d always see people with beautifully curled hair and I finally decided to make the plunge and purchase a hair curling tool. The only problem was that I never knew what size curls I wanted so I got a five in one set.
I purchased mine from amazon and the one I went for was called ‘inkint 5 in 1 Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Waves Curling Wand’   which sold for £23.39. I found this to be the perfect because it gave me every type of curl I could want, I used the biggest barrel as that gave me effortless waves.
The curler comes in blank and pink with two different heat setting, 180 degrees and a setting of 210 degrees, I have rather thick hair and found that the lowest setting was enough to curl my hair within seven seconds. Each wand came with a heat protecting glove which was a life saver for me because I always end up touching the barrel and burning myself.
If you’d like to know more about this product or purchase it then click the link below.
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Rebecca x
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