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The other day I decided to create a twitter account for my blog to find and interact with other bloggers. When I was going through my twitter followers I saw an account called ‘Cosy Prints’ which is an easy store based in the United Kingdom run by two lovely people called Will & Ellie.

At the time of creating this post they have eighteen items on the store and they have a mix between colourful prints and black& white and in all honestly they are all so incredibly beautiful (I’d buy them all if I had the wall space). Each print is handmade and comes in two sizes A4 & A3.

They’re printed on high quality 205gsm paper and they use genuine ink for the best colour pay off. Once the print has been made they roll the print into a study postal tube to make sure it’s protected during shipping.

Please check them out, I’m sure it would mean the world to them, to see all of the prints they sell click here:

I thought I’d give a little run down of my top four favourite prints they currently sell:

Messy Bun’ paper print

Messy Bun Print

This colourful ombre print reminded just stood out to me because in a way it reminds me of me. Whenever theres just something I know I have to do I just throw my hair up and do it. I love throwing my hair up because it gets it out of my face and out of the way so that I can focus more on the task at hand instead of getting distracted and playing with my hair.

Get this print here:

XOXO paper print

XOXO Print

Simple. Big. Bold.

Those are the three words I’d use to describe this print. Due to how big  the ‘XOXO’ is on the paper I think this could look great as a statement picture on it’s own or with a group of other prints, I also really like how they’ve used a big font but left the colour black.

Get this print here:

‘Nap Queen’ print

Nap Queen

Without a doubt naps are on of my favourite things to do, I always feel like I’m asking my boyfriend to nap with me on a Saturday afternoon. I love that this pink print appears to have a paintbrush affect making it appear to be painted on instead of print on printed. I got this to go with the messy bun print as I believe they’ll look lovely together.

Get this print here:

‘Mind over Matter’ print

Mind Over Matter

This is something I’d like to try and live by more this year so I wanted to get it as a print so that I have a reminder every day when I wake up. I’ve always loved this ‘quote’ because it reminds me that if I put my mind to something I can do it, no matter how hard that ask might be. The print has a black font and is printed on white paper, again I think this is another one of the prints that would look incredible as a statement print.

Get this print here:

DISCLAIMER: All images used have links that go directly to where the images have been taken from. Nothing was sent to me by a company.

Rebecca x

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