Pop Sockets – My brand phone “gadget” obsession 


Now I’m sure you know all know what a pop socket is but if you aren’t fully sure I’ll give you a short definition. A pop socket is a circular grip/stand that you stick to that back of your phone (or a phone case) and you ‘pop’ it up when you want to use it. In order to get the pop socket in the usable position you need to pull it until you hear what sounds like two clicks & to put in the none default position you just push it back down again.

The one issue I found with a pop socket is that it takes a few attempts to get it into the best position for you so that it isn’t super uncomfortable to hold however, I recently found out that you can remove it and reposition it up to a hundred times. You can also run the base to make the adhesive sticky again!.

The website https://www.popsockets.co.uk has what seems to be hundreds of different designs and patterns that you could have on your pop socket or you could create your own design and have your very own custome pop socket.

The pop socket has many uses but the main two uses I’ve found is as a grip for when you’re texting and as a stand to keep your device propped up when you want to watch videos for example.

When I told my friends & parents that I’d ordered one of these they thought it was ridiculous but it’s been so helpful!. In the short amount of time that I’ve had a pop socket I must have prevented dropping my phone on my face about five times purely for the fact that I have something to grip onto. I’ve also started watching videos more on my phone because the pop socket has made it so easy to keep my phone positioned on its side.

I’ve actually ordered a second one because I love mine so much, that and I thought the design was too pretty not to have on the back of my phone.

Default Position
Popped Position

To get the exact pop socket in the photos above please click the link: https://www.popsockets.co.uk/collections/sale/products/pop-soc-cel

DISCLAIMER: All images used have been taken my myself. Nothing was sent to me by a company.

Rebecca x

© 2017 by RebeccaEdenWhiteley.


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