Chocolate Cookies

This past Saturday I decided to make Tanya Burr’s cookies, If you haven’t heard of Tanya she’s a British youtube and blogger, within the past few years she’s also brought out a book called Tanya Bakes which this recipe was in.

The cookies themselves are incredibly however they defiantly aren’t for the faint hearted, you probably wouldn’t want to eat a whole one of these because they just that chocolatey and this is coming from a person who has such a sweet tooth.

The recipe calls for 75grams of coco powder which might not seem like a lot of coco powder but trust me it is, especially when the recipe calls for chunks for chocolate to be added into the mix. In her recipe she uses milk chocolate and white chocolate but I decided to use wispa bites and a chunks of chocolate orange which i’m so glad about because the smell that came out the oven when I was cooking them was one of the best things i’ve smelt this year.

After the long eleven minutes of waiting for these cookies to cook, I took them out and was surprised by two things. The first thing that really shocked me was that they didn’t look cooked at all when I took them out but once you leave them for half an hour then they look   absolutely fine.

The second thing I was surprised by was the size of these things, they was already large to start with but they’d doubled in size, some looked like they could’ve tripled in size. Looking back I maybe should made more smaller cookies because they would’ve still been a good size.

Overall I’d defiantly recommend that you make these cookies, they’re the perfect little (or no so little) weekend treat.


For the recipe click the link:

DISCLAIMER: Image taken is my own. Nothing was sent to me by a company.

Rebecca x

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