Asos Haul #2

I know you might be thinking didn’t you just do one of these and that’s true but Asos had another 70% sale and I had a 15% off code because my birthdays coming up so I just couldn’t help myself.

The first thing I’m going to talk about it’s actually on Asos however I bought it in the same time period and I wanted to include it. If you follow my twitter or Instagram you will know that i’ve been debating about these Suedette Lace Up Peep Toe Ankle Boots from Newlook.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 11.10.50.png

As soon as I saw these I fell involve with them. They have a zip on the shoe however you can use the laces to make the shoe as tight as you want which sold it for me because I can then make the as secure as I want, there’s nothing I hate more feeling like my feet aren’t going to stay in my shoes so any shoes with laces are perfect in my book. the only issue with these shoes is that every time I want to wear them i’ll have to remember paint my toes. These shoes are £29.99 you can get them here.

Now onto Asos,.

The first thing I picked up was some Newlook Joggers.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 11.20.28.png

I got these so that I could started going to the gym but if I’m honest they’ll probably become lounge pants. They have a drawstring waist which sold me because I can make them tighter if required. They have usual pockets which I love because I hate those pants that have a pocket but you cant use it because it isn’t actually a pocket  (If anyone knows why that’s a thing please let me know in the comments.) These grey joggers are sold for £9.99, you can get them here.

Item two, Cami Smock Dress.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 12.10.03.png

I’m trying to get more into dresses so I decided to get this, it’s flowy and light. I thought the buttons get it a slight bit of detail, the straps are adjustable so you can make the dress longer or shorter depending on your preference, I thought this could be good for summer if you paired it with a jacket and a necklace. this sells for £15 and you can get it here.

Item three, Cami with Satin frill hem


This item is something i’d never normally pick up however i’m trying to go a bit out of my comfort zone.Just like the dress his top has adjustable straps, the reason this top isn’t something i’d normally go for because of the frills as I feel like it could draw attention to that area but hey, you’ll never know if you like an item of clothing unless you try it. This sells for £12 and you can get it here.

Item four, Pizza Slice sleep tee.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 12.37.47.png

I love my other sleep tee so I decided to get this valentines collection one, I was sold as soon as I saw the pizza to be honest. I’m not sure if it’ll still be on the website however it’s £18 and you can get it here.

The last time i’m going to talk about is the cloud nine magical quick dry potion.


I’ve seen lots of people talking about this product so I decided to bite the bullet and get it, it claims to dry your hair quicker and if this is true i’ll be very happy. I’ll make an update post on this product. It’s sold for £7.50 and you can get it here.

DISCLAIMER: All images used have links that go directly to where the images was taken from. Nothing was sent to me by a company.

Rebecca x

© 2017 by RebeccaEdenWhiteley.

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