My Love/Hate Relationships with Periods.

Periods are a thing that a lot of people have had, are currently having will have t some point in their life so today I thought i’d create a little list of things I love and hate about periods. I’ll start on a negative so that this post will end with a positive.

Things I hate about Periods

  1. Not knowing what time it’s going to come.

One week I might get my period at dinner time and the next week I might not get it until 9pm, the reason I hate this fact is because I always worry that my period will start and I won’t have the protection I need. I also refuse to wear a tampon if it isn’t needed when I leave the house because there is nothing worst of a period than taking out a dry tampon.

  1.  Buying period products.

The reason I hate this so much isn’t the fact that I have go get them, it’s trying to guess your period is going to be like for the week. Do I just get regular or do I go for a higher absorbency? How many packs do i think i’ll need?  For some people this might not be an issue but I know if definitely is for me.

  1. Having white bedding.

What if I bleed through the night and stain my nice white bedding?!

  1. Cramps.

I haven’t found anything worse than getting a super painful cramp but not been able to do anything about it so you just have to sit there and work through the pain, trying to act like you don’t feel like you’re dying on the inside.

Things I love about Periods

  1. Period apps.

The app I currently use is called Clue. I use this app to track period symptoms as I know when my periods should come due to being on the contraceptive patch. I find it rather interesting to look at each week to see how my periods changed from month to month.

  1. Relaxing / pamper nights.

When i’m on my period  I  try to do little pamper nights to make myself feel less poopy. I’ve personally found that putting on a good face mask and some relaxing sound effects is the best for me.

  1. Your period finishing.

Honestly my favorite thing about having a period is coming off my period because who likes having a period every month (assuming that’s how your cycle is).

Do you have any likes or dislikes about your period that aren’t on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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Rebecca x

© 2017 by RebeccaEdenWhiteley.


16 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationships with Periods.

  1. This is a great post!🙌 I agree the white bedding is a scary one thinking you’ll end up with a Japan flag 😂 as for the buying products you should invest in a menstrual cup that is a great way to save money & a great way to see if you have a heavy flow or light it even measures how much you bleed- take a look at them Love Leigh | xx


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