Five Hair Tips I’ve Learnt Over The Years

I’ve been told a few things over the years about hair and i’ve been given some hair tips.

I thought i’d make a little list and see if any of you could benefit from them, let me know your tips down below.

1.Sleep with your hair in braids.
My hair gets super tangled very quickly so i’ve found that if I braid my hair it can’t get tangled which has honestly probably given me an extra ten minutes in the morning because my hair has become so much easier to brush.

2. Don’t over do hair masks.
This could just be my hair but I used to do hair masks about three times a week and my hair was just over moisturised so stick to doing it once a week if that.


3. Put the wavy part of the hair grip to your head.
People have apparently used hair grips wrong for a long time. You’re apparently supposed to put the wavy side facing your hair as this keeps the hair in place better, this also means you’ll need less grips in your hair so you’ll have less to take out at the end of the day.


4.Brush from the bottom.
I used to always brush from the top of my hair to the bottom but then i’d be pulling the tangles down my hair which at times was really painful. I was taught that if you brush from the bottom in little sections and slowly work your way up the hair, you’ll have less knots. I’ve honestly found this to be true, I can get through my hair much easier if I take it second by section.

5. Hair cuts are good for you.
The last hair thing i’ve realised is you need regular trims (at least I do) as this keeps the ends looking and feeling nice and ‘fresh’. They say that you should go every eight to ten weeks but everyone knows how long they can go without getting a haircut for me I can probably go about 12 weeks without my hair looking overly dead.


Do you have any hair tips/trick, leave them below in the comments!

DISCLAIMER: All images used have links that go directly to where the images was taken from. Nothing was sent to me by a company.

Rebecca x
© 2017 by RebeccaEdenWhiteley

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