My Goals for 2017! – Update one

I’ve decided to do little updates every three months to see how well or how bad i’m doing at sticking to these goals and currently i’m not doing very well at all in the majority of them.

These was the goals i’d set myself:

1) Drink more water.
2) Do exercise (even if it’s just a little)
3) Eat breakfast
4) keep my room clean
5) Eat less takeaways

1.The only one i’ve really stuck to is drinking more water but I believe that this was the easiest one as I normally only drink water.

2.I have done a little exercise but honestly not as much as I really wanted to but I have purchased some new gym clothes  in the hopes that i’ll actually start using the treadmill again. (I’ll keep you updated on that one)

3.I’ve completely failed at number three. I think i’ve ate breakfast six times this year, I just always get up late so I never have time to make it.

4.Currently my room is an utter mess so this one isn’t going well.

5. This one I wasn’t holding out much hope on and I was right not to , I think i’ve eaten seven takeaway in February, I wouldn’t even want to count the amount I had in January.

Have you stuck to your goals? Let me know down below.
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Rebecca x

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