Why I Find Mothers & Fathers Day Harder Than I Should

Hello there, it’s been a while since I last posted and since Mother’s day is coming up I thought i’d do a blog post related to it.This might not be a super long post so apologies in advance.

The Reason I find Mother’s day & Father’s day so difficult is because EVERY YEAR I asked them what they would like to receive and EVERY YEAR I always get one of two responses, “Nothing” or “Just a hug and a kiss”.

For some people this response wouldn’t be an issue because they could get chocolates or flowers or maybe even a voucher for a shop or a restaurant that they always go to and call it a day. Personally I never get vouchers as my parents dislike them and if i’m honest I don’t really feel like i’ve got anything if i just get a voucher (Is that just me or can you relate?) purely because I feel like I should’ve just given them cash because I personally feel like I didn’t really think about what they might actually like to receive.

When it comes to buying an actual present I can never think about what to get them because they either have everything or any idea I have is hundreds and hundreds of pounds that I unfortunately don’t have spare to spend on them. Therefore every year I hate what I get them because I always think I should’ve got them something else that I wasn’t able to get.

Can anyone else relate to this or is it just me??

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Rebecca x

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