My Experience With Yoga

Hey guys! As you may know if you’ve seen the blog post I did called “My goals for for 2017” (If you haven’t and would like to you can view it here) then you will know that I want to do more exercise but I can never actually be bothered to go to a gym or a long walk around my town because if I’m honest my town isn’t that big and it doesn’t have a beautiful view to go look at and I hate doing exercise in front of other people because I feel like i’ll get judge for how unfit I actually am therefore exercise never gets done but i’m hoping now I’ve rediscovered yoga this will change.

I know that some people will say that yoga isn’t really exercise but since it’s on the wii fit i’m going to class it as a form of exercise. Honestly I love yoga, it’s exercise without feeling like actual exercise plus anyone can do yoga because there is a move for everyone. For example, I have no real flexibility and my balancing skills aren’t great either however I’ve found yoga moves that feel pretty easy to do such as the half moon, Warrior pose, grounded V etc and I know it’s benefiting my body in one way or another.Granted i’ll probably never get to the point where I can do a bridge pose but hey, I can dream. I also found that yoga is great as a warm up for your work out or for the end of your workout  because it’s very relaxing and for me it keeps my breathing at a normal rate.

 Honestly if you haven’t tried yoga yet I would highly recommend it because it will make you enjoy doing exercise, it’s such refreshing thing to do and will make you feel so connected with our body.  Have you ever done yoga, if so what was your experience with it?

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27 thoughts on “My Experience With Yoga

  1. I m a total yoga addict and love to see you’re giving it a go! I started when I was 18 and only followed moves with a book but it was very weird, but i still loved how calm it makes me feel and finding new muscle/ strings in my body that I was never aware of. i also followed Tara Stiles from youtube but right now my fav is bikram yoga. Sweating in a hot room is just makes my body sooo happy!
    I think my next try is going to be aerial yoga! I hope it’s as fun as it looks… but not as difficult and dangerous :p
    you should take some photos to share your moves or write a beginners routine!


  2. Interesting read, you know to each their own.. fitness is different for everyone. For me, it’s weight lifting. I have tried yoga and I don’t think it’s my thing lol.. but major props to anyone who can do it!


  3. Oh I love Yoga I startes doing it because a bad knee wouldnt allow me to run but its great for mindfulness as well. Those who say it isnt exercise aint doing the hard stuff haha. I watch Yoga with Adriene and she is great! If you dont like working out in front of people you can try HIIT at home I am finding it easy to loose the weight with that! X
    Lola Mia //


  4. I’ve done yoga a few times and really enjoyed it, I would also definetly say it’s exercise as you use a lot of muscles! X


  5. I love yoga too! I love how it’s so relaxing and fun but also so good for your mind and body. I used to do yoga all the time but fell out of the habit a while ago. So desperate to get myself back into it though xo


  6. I haven’t tried yoga before, but it sounds hard! I’ve been watching people’s Yoga challenges on YouTube and they are hilarious, but yoga in real life, I’m assuming is a little bit different? I don’t have a wii, but maybe I could watch some YouTube tutorials and give it a try some time! 🙂


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