I Tried To Spend Less Money In April – Here’s How It Went

Hey Guys!

This month I tried to spend less money on things I don’t need because I felt like I was wasting a large amount of money and boy was I right.

I found out that the majority of my money in 2017 was going on food that I didn’t actually need, I ended up spending between 80p to £5 on Greggs in one sitting, when I realised that I feel ashamed in myself. How could I spend that much money on lunch when I was already taking a pack lunch?. I also noticed I was also spending £100 on five takeaways. Yep that’s right, ONE HUNDRED POUD ON FIVE TAKEAWAYS A MONTH.

After I found that out, I made a few changes, here are the changes I made:

I stopped taking my purse out – This made the BIGGEST difference, if I don’t take my purse out I can’t spend money.  I did sometimes forget where I put my wallet which wasn’t the greatest thing however I wasn’t spending money I didn’t need so I guess it’s still a good thing.

Going out less when I took my purse – If I took my purse to work because I need to purchase something i’d avoid going out at lunch. If I stayed in a lunch, I wouldn’t have the temptation to spend.

Going straight home after work – If I went straight home, I wouldn’t have the temptation to spend.

Stopped online shopping – This was also a BIG change, I stopped ‘window shopping’ and then there was nothing I wanted to buy. I also stopped looking at my emails as much because I know that some company will be telling me there’s a sale on.

These few changes have actually saved me a lot of money, I think I saved about just under half of my wage. I’d love to see how much money I can save this year by not spending for the sake of spending.

Do you have any tips on saving? If so please leave them down below, it’d help a lot.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing was sent to me by a company.

Rebecca x

© 2017 by RebeccaEdenWhiteley.

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