Are You A Social Media Addict?

Are You A Social Media Addict?

This was a question I started to ask myself after I watched this video of a girl going five days without any social media and after I watched it I realised just how addicted I actually am to both my phone and social media. I know I couldn’t go more than twenty four hours (if I’m honest I could probably only go an hour if I was at home) without checking some form of social media website and to me thats a huge issue.

For the rest of the night I noticed that I was literally going on social media for the sake of doing something on my phone, scrolling over the same tweets and instagram pictures that I seen probably two times already. It felt like my hand was just naturally going to the social media apps on my phone and it was almost as if I felt like a chore when I was trying to not go on social media and over all it just felt like a huge amount of effort to avoid them.

After noticing my addiction to social media it’s made me want to find other ways to fill my evenings. I have so many thing that I should be doing such as sorting out my wardrobe, sending time with family, seeing friends in person reading books, learning new skills etc. Now i’m not saying i’ll fully cut out social media because it’s how I communicate with people that I don’t get to see a lot but i’m defiantly going to try and use it less in my day to day life.

Are you A Social Media Addict?

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Rebecca x
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2 thoughts on “Are You A Social Media Addict?

  1. I totally feel like this. I probably couldn’t go without social media for more than 3 hours.. it’s that addictive. I love keeping up with the world and my friends I need to know everything 😂 And when I’m bored I just go over the same stuff.. what has life come too haha.

    Love, Lauren x

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