Update to – Things I want to do in the next few months

Hello! About three months ago I made a posted called “Things I want to do in the next few months” and said I’d make an update post, three months has now past so lets see what I managed to cross out in the past three months:

Start/Finish the following tv shows:

Once upon A time
Thirteen reasons why
House of cards (when the new season comes out)
New girl

Other things:
Finish the “we’re Alive” podcast  – I cannot tell you how happy that i’ve finished this podcast, I didn’t think i’d ever do it because I find it hard to just sit and listen to something, especially since this podcast had 48 chapters (most chapters had three parts) and most of the chapters were half an hour long however it’s a great podcast and i’d highly recommend it. If you search were alive on the apple podcast app you should be able to find it.

Start the lockdown podcast – This is the second podcast for we’re alive, this was much easier to finish as there was only six episodes and even though each of them was an hour long it was still much easier to do.

Work out at least twice a week
Watch more anime
Drink more water
Go on more walk on a Sunday afternoon
Play more video games
Cook more meals
Eat more fruit/veg
Buy more flowers
Write more blog posts I have a few scheduled which i’m very happy about
Organise my stuff
Pick my nails less
Paint my nails more

Okay so as you can see i’ve hardly done anything on this list, if i’m honest I completely forgot about this list. Even though I gave myself a three month deadline i’ll still continue trying complete this list.

Have you achieved any of your goals for this year?

DISCLAIMER: Nothing was sent to me by a company.

Rebecca x

© 2017 by RebeccaEdenWhiteley.

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