My Experience with Bra Fittings

Today I wanted to make a little post about bra fittings. I don’t think i’d been properly fitting in maybe three years because It’s just something I never thought about doing and I just assumed was in the right size bra, turns out I was wearing a bra that was three cups sizes smaller than I should’ve been.

The first thing i’d recommend is to look at reviews online at what other people have said just so you get a general idea of wether you’d like the service at that store. I went to Debenhams in Meadowhall and the lady was lovely, she made you feel very comfortable however my only complaint would be that there was only one lady doing about three peoples fitting at one time so you had to wait around a while, I think it took an hour and a half in total.

Onto the fitting itself, the lady put me into a room and told me to take my top off but leave my bra on so that she could see the fit of my current bra. She then went away to get  a bra she thought i’d fit in and told me to call her when I had the bra on. Once the bra was on she came in adjusted the bra to how it should sit on the body and checked to see if everything was where it should be. This was repeated a few tips until she told me she was happy with the bra I was in. I then left the bra fitting service area and went to find new bras.

Overall all it wasn’t a terrible experience, I wouldn’t want to do it every six months like you’re suppose to just because it takes up a lot of time and because I live in a small town I have to go out of my way to get fitted.

When did you last have a bra fitting?

DISCLAIMER: Nothing was sent to me by a company.

Rebecca x

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