Pet Peeves / Things I Don’t like

Pet peeves are something at everyone has however recently I learnt that I have a lot more pet peeves than I thought I did so I thought i’d make a list of them and see if anyone else has the same pet peeves as me.

1. People that walk in the middle of a path/bridge and you have no way to get round them.

2.Friends that only talk to you when they have an issue

3. People that talk over you or interrupt you when you’re in the middle of saying something. (I probably hate this the most)

4.Cardboard tampon applicators (Does anyone else hate these or is it just me?)

5.Furniture that isn’t level. Unfortunately my bedside table has one legs thats too short so it wobbles everyday

6. People that don’t say please and thank you (it’s really not that hard to say)

7. People that come up to you and hug you when you aren’t that close

8. When a candle wick is finished hut theres still so much candle wax in the jar

9.People that tell you the same story about 100 times

10.Ikea instructions. Showing me a photo of what i’m meant to be doing will not help me, I need words

11.People that send ten mini texts instead of one large paragraph

12. People that try to tickle my feet (only my boyfriend really does this but I hate it)

13.Super lumpy mash potato (this comes from primary school dinners)

14.People that borrow your pens/pencils and don’t give them back

15.People who put dead pens and batteries etc back in the cupboard instead of putting in the bin

16.People who over exaggerate every little thing that happens to them.

17.Friends that always cancel plans at the last minute.

18.When someone comes into my bedroom to get something, walks out my room but doesn’t reshut my door. It was closed for a reason please close it.

19. Junk emails / mail.

20. People who say ‘i’m just resting my eyes’. I don’t know why but that annoys me so much

I think i’ll end this list here. Do you hate anything i’ve mentioned on this list?

DISCLAIMER: Nothing was sent to me by a company.

Rebecca x

© 2017 by RebeccaEdenWhiteley.

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