5 ‘Odd’ Facts about me

hello, today I thought i’d share 5 odd facts about me.

1. I don’t like having food in odd amounts. For example, is someone asks me how many onion rings I want I have to say 2 or 4, I can never say 3 but I have no idea why

2.Every time I shave my legs I will miss spot, it doesn’t matter how many times I go over the same post, i’ll still miss a spot

3. I can’t swallow told and flu tables, they’re just to big

4.When i’m doing a puzzle book, I won’t follow on and do the next one. I won’t do puzzle six and the puzzle seven, i’d do puzzle six and then go to puzzle fifty.

5. i’ll only make my bed when it’s bed changing day, I have no idea why this is but i’ll never make my bed any other time.

Do you have any ‘odd’ facts about yourself?

DISCLAIMER: Nothing was sent to me by a company.

Rebecca x

© 2017 by RebeccaEdenWhiteley.

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