Moving Hacks I Wish I knew

About a year ago my parents decided they wanted to move house and whilst I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of moving out of my childhood home my parents got the house they wanted and the packing began. Here’s a list of some hacks I wish I knew before I moved.

1. Get rid of any junk.
Now I know this sounds like a normal thing to do but I didn’t do this before we moved and I moved so much crap that I didn’t need or use anymore

2. Put your clothes in rubbish bins.
I was watching moving vlogs and I saw a girl put a rubbish bag around her clothes but kept them on the hanger so that when she was in her new place she could put the hangers on the rail and just remove the rubbish bag.

3. Keep some toiletries and a set of fresh clothes in an overnight bag
Luckily toiletries was one of the first boxes that we unpacked however if you have a lot of things or if you don’t want to unpack almost everything on the day you move in then this would could be a good thing to do.

4. Cut handles into boxes
This should help you lift boxes easier.

5. Colour code boxes
If you colour code boxes and create a key then you’ll know exactly what room to put boxes in.

6. Put any pets with family
This is the one thing we did when we moved and it made the day so much easier because we didn’t have a dog running round whilst we was trying to unpack everything, if you do any of these tips i’d make it this one.

7. Create a before leaving checklist
If you have a lot of things to do before you leave your home for good the create a list and tick things once you’ve done them to ensure that everything gets done.

8. Create an after moving checklist
This could cover things like changing your addresses, getting internet, buying certain things for the house etc.

Do you have any moving tips you’d love to share?

DISCLAIMER: Nothing was sent to me by a company.

Rebecca x

© 2017 by RebeccaEdenWhiteley.

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