Christmas Things I Want To Get From Lush

❄Hello there, welcome to the fourteen post of December!❄ I  must admit I’m much more of a shower person than a bath person in fact it’s very rare if I get bath but with that been said I always purchase Lush bath bombs / products at Christmas time. I haven’t purchased any Christmas products this…… Continue reading Christmas Things I Want To Get From Lush

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Things I’ve Purchased Other People

❄Hello there, welcome to the thirteenth post of December!❄ Recently I finally started my Christmas shopping so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve picked up for other people so far. Paintings / Pictures Tools Music books Alcohol Chocolate Puzzles / Games Candles I know it’s not much of a list but hey, at…… Continue reading Things I’ve Purchased Other People

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Christmas Films I Want to Watch

❄Hello there, welcome to the twelfth post of December!❄   Personally for me Christmas films are one of the best things about the festive season however I’ve come to the realisation that I haven’t watched as many Christmas films as I thought I had so I’ve created a list of Christmas films I want to…… Continue reading Christmas Films I Want to Watch

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Mini Festive Candle Haul

❄Hello there, welcome to the eleventh post of December!❄ The festive season is finally here which has also meant that I’ve started shopping for some new candles to add to my winter collection. Recently I picked up three candles so I thought i’d share them with you. Candy Cane Lane – Yankee Candle This is…… Continue reading Mini Festive Candle Haul

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My Favourite Christmas Tumblrs

❄Hello there, welcome to the ninth post of December!❄ Today I wanted to share some of my favourite Christmas themed Tumblr blogs. If you’re unfamiliar with what Tumblr is click here, I also did a post about my favourite fall Tumblrs that you can view here. Christmas is my favourite time of year, therefore I usually make…… Continue reading My Favourite Christmas Tumblrs