Winter Skincare

❄Hello there, welcome to the tenth post of December!❄ If I'm honest I don't really bother with skin care for the majority of the year but when it comes to winter I don't have any other option, the cold weather tends to make my skin incredibly dry so I've put together a small routine for the …

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My Favourite Christmas Tumblrs

❄Hello there, welcome to the ninth post of December!❄ Today I wanted to share some of my favourite Christmas themed Tumblr blogs. If you’re unfamiliar with what Tumblr is click here, I also did a post about my favourite fall Tumblrs that you can view here. Christmas is my favourite time of year, therefore I usually make …

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Vlogmas’s I’ve Loved To Watch

❄Hello there, welcome to the seventh post of December!❄ One of my favourite things about December is something called Vlogmas, Vlogmas is basically when YouTubers vlog everyday in December until Christmas Eve. Within the past six days I've watched a lot of people's Vlogmas's so I thought I'd share a couple of the  channels I've …

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